5 Reasons Why Children Love Their Soft Toys

So why do children love soft toys? You can guarantee that in almost every child’s room you will find soft toys. You will find anything from stuffed plush animals, from bunnies to elephants, teddys and dolls, all that come in different shapes and sizes.  Soft toys or plush toys provide children with comfort, companionship and makes the perfect partner in crime. They also make the perfect audience, are always attentive and encouraging. Children practice all sorts of skills with their stuffed toys. They teach, talk, and take care of them, and by doing so, learn what they have observed by observation.

Even as your child grows and go for the more electronic toys, puzzles or outdoor activities there will always be one soft toy that does not lose its appeal.

Let’s look at some reasons

They give the best cuddles and provide comfort

When away from home, at times of upset, just because they love their favourite teddy, they toy is always there ready to provide comfort. Stuffed toys can help children to cope with emotions, as they provide familiarity and reassurance. Soft toys also play an important role in teaching children their ability to self soothe.

Soft Toys Help Children Develop Social Skills

Children learn through pretend play with their stuffed animals, helping with social development, show kindness and empathy. Pretend play will allow children to work out their feelings, grow friendships and explore relationships with friends and family.

Role playing with their soft toys or stuffed animals also lets them transition into pretend play with other children, building confidence and interactions with others.

Nurturing and pretend play with a soft toy is your child’s chance to learn and practice compassion, and grow up with a healthy active imagination.

Learn Language Easily

Children love to chat with their favourite toys, practicing their learning skills, trying to speak new words and become more confident with their speech. Children love to practice new words they have learned with their stuffed animals. This also helps children to practice and talk with expressing their emotions, and sharing their thoughts and important part of child development.

Self Soothe

Soft toys are wonderful for comforting and soothing baby, the toy provides comfort and confidence. They are great transitional toys, that help baby to develop independence and self soothe outside their parents. The soft toys are often there as they experience milestones. The toys represent comfort and familiarity and with their best friend in tow, your child will not feel alone, and things like going to kindy or time away from home for the first time will feel a lot less scary.


There are no limits to the games children can play with their stuffed soft toys, they are always around to embark on adventures. Imaginative play is important to any child’s development, as it is with these games they learn and grow.

In Brief – Why Children Love Soft Toys

  • There are many reasons why kids love soft toys. These include being cuddly, fun to play with, and easy to care about.
  • They also provide hours of entertainment and comfort for babies and toddlers.
  • Soft toys are great  for kids because they are safe, cute.
  • They provide comfort and security when they are scared or upset.
  • They help develop motor skills, improve coordination, and stimulate imagination.
  • Soft toys are also great for kids because they are easy to care for and durable.


Most importantly always remember when buying soft toys, be sure to check they are suitable for the child’s age. It is baby’s instinct to explore with their mouths, and also important that there are no small loose parts that may present as a choking hazard.