Baby Comforter Toys

Choosing a Comforter Toy

baby comforter toy can be a life saver and are available in many shapes and sizes, and choosing the correct baby comforters is important.

So what is the comforter toy? A comforter toy is known as a small soft toy and/or  a small blanket also known as the the ” security blanket ” or baby blankie . These comforters will help your baby settle themselves for sleep.

The baby comforter toys will help your baby to feel more calmer and secure. During developmental changes like teething baby may become upset or if they are unsettled around bedtime introducing a comforter will help sooth, support and comfort your baby.

Maybe baby is over tired and is having difficulty in falling asleep or is having difficulty staying asleep during the night, the baby comforter can serve as a child’s best friend or accompany your child when travelling, sleep overs or even during day care.

If baby is sleep deprived it may affect your baby’s physical and emotional development. Addressing sleep issues is not only for baby but for you. A small blanket or soft toy can assist settle you baby and send them off into a sound comforting and restful sleep.

Below are some reason why we believe a comforter may  be your child’s best friend

  • Comforters make perfect travel companions as when baby is way from home, tired or anxious the familiar comforter may be your life saver. Most of all the baby blankets or baby comforter toys are easy to carry and pack
  • The comforter will help calm baby and they will feel reassured with their favourite comforter.
  • They are your child’s portable best friend that will signal to your little one that its time to relax or its sleep time

Introducing a Baby Comforter

Encourage Attachment

When introducing a comforter there a few tricks you can do to help your baby become attached to their new cuddly toy.

When you have chosen your cuddly comforter pop it between you and baby when feeding or cuddling, that way the toy gets that lovely mommy scent, and is recognised by baby.

Use the comforter for playtime and bedtime routines, so your child gets used to it

Once introduced a comforter can also be used by your child to self soothe themselves to sleep and when waking at night

Tips on choosing your comforter

  • Try sticking to one comforter and ideally one that is washable. Remember it may be chewed on and dragged around. Its best to make sure you can wash it!
  • Try introducing at nap or bedtimes
  • A comforter can be introduced from the age of six months
  • Ensure baby comforters has no loose or dangerous parts, such as plastic eyes or buttons
  • By using a familiar blankie or comforter at nap or sleep time baby will feel reassured and secure.
  • Choose one that has breathable fabric, such as cotton or bamboo
  • Choose something that is small that can be easily held and cuddled by little hands
  • Lastly make sure its replaceable. The baby comforter may at some stage get lost and may mean sleepless nights if another way of self soothing cannot be established. By choosing a comforter for baby that you know can be easily replaced may mean less sleepless nights.

You and your baby both deserve a good night sleep..browse our range of  baby comforter toys  and plush toys available today