Baby Shower Gift Ideas

A baby shower is a great way for everyone to celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby. Are you in need of a baby shower gift idea? We have a great selection of beautiful and cutest gifts for baby showers in 2022, so be sure to read on to uncover some of what we have in store.

For some finding a baby shower present can be a hard decision as everyone has different tastes and needs.

You do no want to turn up at the baby shower empty handed! That’s why we have put together a list of newborn toys that will put a smile on mummy’s face and baby’s. Remember if you do not know the gender, gender neutral toys and tones are often the safest.

Lets look at some Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby Rattles

A rattle is an excellent toy to have on hand, perfect for use at home and travel, small enough to fit into the nappy bag and a great toy to have on hand for when the need arises to avoid a crisis. A rattle is also the perfect size for those tiny hands to hold onto and engage baby. Rattles are not just for entertainment, they can help baby develop auditory and gross motor skills. You can read a little more about the benefits here.

Cuddly Toy

A soft toys is another that will be cherished for years to come and always a great option for a baby shower gift. You cant go wrong with getting a stuffed toy. We all have that one toy we remember when we were young. A soft toy can become a child’s best friend, provide reassurance and security and comfort when they need it, a toy they will cherish for years to come.

Baby Shower Gifts for Boys

If you would like to but a gender specific gift, then the little cuties below would be loved by any little boy. Perfect for that little boy in your life.

Baby Shower Gifts for Girls

For the little girl you cannot go by these little cuties, they all await hugs and cuddles. Also great as nursery decor.

Organic Baby Toys

For those parents that want natural products for their baby, the bunny comforter available for boys or girls are a great choice for a newborn toy. The toy also has a dummy holder, so you don’t keep losing bubs dummy.

Stuffed Animals Make The Best Baby Shower Gifts

A newborn nursery would not be the same without a few cuddly, adorable, soft plush stuffed animals. Browse our range of dinosaurs, bunnies, teddys and unicorns. Our range of toys are suitable for any baby shower gift

We hope our list has given you some ideas in selecting the perfect baby shower gift for your new little bundle of joy that is soon to arrive. We hope the toy you choose will be enjoyed for many years to come and will be treasured by mum and baby. Always remember when searching baby shower gifts it is always the thought that counts and that you are there to celebrate the new arrival. We hope our list has given you some ideas to spoil the new baby.