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Baby Comforters and Plush Toys

Inspired by our love of babies and the adorable munchkins that they are Y-Nott is your online destination for comforters and plush toys. Our range of baby comforter toys and plush toys are sure to leave you spoilt for choice when looking for the perfect newborn gift.

Choosing a gift can be a little daunting when choosing for a newborn, as there is no shortage of ideas and so much to choose from. Choosing the perfect gift is important, something that will be used and top of the list for this is a baby comforter toy.

You may ask why do they make such a great baby gift?

  • Bubs often become emotionally attached to their comforters from an early age
  • They are comforting because of their softness, cuddly and self soothing
  • They extend beyond sleep, once an attachment has been formed, they can calm when baby is unwell, or used when away from home
  • Comforters also make wonderful keepsakes and a good way to decorate a newborns nursery

Comforters are also known as sleep toys are a very popular gift to celebrate the arrival of a newborn and also make wonderful baby shower gifts
We hope your enjoy browsing our range in our online store. Be sure to stay connected and check back often as we grow our range.