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Cuddly and cute stuffed animals and cuddly toys provide unconditional love, these toys often becoming your child’s best friend. Our toy range includes, plush soft and knitted toys that durable and snuggly and ready to accompany your child on their daily adventures.
From birthdays to baby showers, newborn gifts, or any special occasion why not gift your little one a knitted stuffed animal, plush toy or doll. Our selection of stuffed animals and dolls will instantly win the heart of any little girl or boy.
A soft toy is sure to bring a smile to any child’s face. Beyond being a close confident, the cherished stuffed animal or doll can help your baby to develop important life skills, including confidence, language skills and managing their emotions. A stuffed animal or plush toy can also provide comfort and familiarity when needed.
As cuddly stuffed animal is often baby’s first friend and often, they play a special part in development. They toys offer comfort, aid in developmental, social and language skills also encouraging compassion and empathy.

We all know that a child holds a special bond with a loved favourite plushie. They simply cannot get anywhere without their special soft plush toy in tow. The toy they cherish so much that can instantly make tears disappear.
Whether you want to treat your own little one, or spoil your friend at an upcoming baby shower or to celebrate the birth of a newborn baby. Here you will find an adorable collection of animals, from koalas, dinosaurs, unicorns, bears, and bunnies and dolls.
Y-Nott is your destination for exceptional soft baby toys, plush dolls, stuffed animals. Toys that will spark hours of imaginative play for kids of all ages.