How to Clean Stuffed Plush Toys

Most children have their all time favourite stuffed plush toys, or stuffed animals but they can look a little worse for wear, especially with the love and attention they receive. It could be dirt from being dragged around, dust, spills, they all take their toll on your child’s stuffed toy. But how do we care for and clean these stuffed animals without ruining your child’s most prized possession? Lets take a look at how to clean stuffed plush toys from spot cleaning to handwashing your favourite toys.

Spot Cleaning Stuffed Plush Toys

If something accidently gets splits on child’s plush toy it is often best to deal with it straight away, and teddy is set for another day

  • Liquid can be mopped up with some absorbent towelling
  • By using a damp clean cloth to remove any stains
  • Dry with a towel
  • For stubborn stains try a mild detergent and cloth
Spot Cleaning Stuffed Animals


Thoroughly Cleaning Teddy

Sometimes your child’s plush toy or stuffed animal gets past the point of spot cleaning and seriously needs a good clean to remove the grime and bacteria, lets look further into cleaning your stuffed plush toys.

Machine Washing

Check to see if your toy can be machined washed. If your lucky enough to still have labels check to see if it can be machined washed, it may be able to be placed in a laundry bag on gentle cycle.

Add a touch of fabric softner to freshen and your favourite toy is saved for another round. Be sure to dry thoroughly in the sun and fresh air.  Maybe engage your child in the cleaning process and make wash time teddy’s bath time.

Machine Washing Stuffed Animals

Toys that cannot be machined washed

There are some toys that obviously cannot be machined washed for several reasons

  • they may be to large for your washing machine
  • they may contain beads instead of soft pp filler
  • they use batteries
  • they have glued on parts like buttons
  • they’re old and may not survive washing
  • toys that are labelled ” not machine washable”
  • old antique toys
  • toys with rips or tears

How to Hand Wash Plush Toys

Hand washing plush toys may be a bit more time consuming but it may be the best way to save your favourite toy, especially if the toy is your child’s favourite. Always be sure to read the labels on the toy before cleaning

  • fill a tub with warm water
  • add some mild detergent or even baby bath soap
  • submerge the plushie in the bath and let soak for 30 minutes
  • agitate the toy in the water to help remove grime
  • rinse of all the soap
  • air dry your toy then use a dryer or soft brush to fluff back up
Hand Wash Plush Toys

Washing Stuffed Toys

Your child’s stuffed plush toys are their prized possessions. Keeping them germ free and clean will ensure the length of life on your child’s most valued toy. Now that you know how to clean your toy easily, why not give them a regular cleaning schedule, you may find it more convenient when you clean your child’s bedding or you may choose to do more regularly if the toy becomes particularly dirty