Losing A Favourite Stuffed Animal

Seeing your toddlers heartbreak is the worst thing you can feel when they have lost their favourite stuffed animal, their favourite blankie or ” Lovey “, that is their go everywhere toy. To your child the toy is their best friend and consoling them when their favourite toy has been lost can be difficult.

Your child’s stuffed animal or blankie is a transitional object, that provides comfort, a toy that your child takes everywhere, bed, travel, kindy and sleepovers.

We have all been there, have been out and about, on holidays or at the park when your child’s most loved stuffed toy has vanished,  you have frantically retraced your steps, turning the house upside down with a sobbing child, and the lovey is no where to be found.

What to do if your child’s lovey cannot be found

It would be ideal if we always had a duplicate backup. Having learnt this lesson, it is often best to buy two and make sure one never leaves the house.

When your child starts to get upset that their teddy is missing, its easy to tell him to keep looking, you know that he won’t be far away, in their room or under the lounge. Initially your not worried, it will turn up.

Then the panic sets in…it bedtime and no lovey!

Time to retrace your steps, where had you been that day, the park, playgroup, the shopping mall? Your realising its time to revisit your last steps, even checking under the lounge, the car, call centre management at the local shopping mall, calling the playgroup. Bedtime is approaching and you know your in  for a very  long night without that favourite teddy.

What lengths have you gone to recover the missing toy?

  • sharing a picture of the missing toy on your local social media page, hoping others will share and you will recover your toy
  • start searching ebay for another one or contacting the store where you bought it from for another one, hoping your child will accept your new found toy.

But nothing beats the joy on your child’s face when you do find their best loved friend.

And if you don’t find lovey, do you tell a tale they will accept?

Losing lovey can be difficult here is a couple of tales others have told to get them through until the favourite lost toy is found 

  • Teddy has gone on a holiday
  • The toy is playing hide and seek
  • Gone on a secret mission
  • He’s gone to the park
  • He is having a sleep over at grandma’s
  • He’s gone to the teddy bears picnic

We hope these small tales may help you through until the toy is found or replaced.

Alternately tell your child as hard as it may be that you don’t know where their toy is but you will keep looking, offer them an alternative toy, at least your child knows you care, and that your also sad and their toy is important to you too!

How not to lose your Child’s toy

  • Buy a hundred spares and lock them up where they will not be lost
  • Don’t let the original toy leave the house, always take one of the duplicates!

In the end you may not be able to replace the lost toy, but working through it with your child is the best solution for all.

Lost Childs toy lovey teddy
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If all steps have failed maybe help your child choose a new favourite toy, buy a new one or two, hoping they make the same attachment!  You may not pass the toy off as the original lovey as it wont have the same wear marks or smells that your child knows.

Always remember the lovey is more than just a toy, he is your child’s best friend, partner in crime and a comfort to them.

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