Baby Bear Comforter Plush Toy


Brand: Mogomogo Life

Name: Mandy

Material: 220g velvet&120g cotton

product size:  25*30cm

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Baby Bear Comforter Toy

Beautiful and soft baby will love ” Mandy”  a safe soft comforter Toy. The bear  comforter plush toy makes a gorgeous and practical gift for newborns and will also make a great sleep aid.

Comforters are a proven way to soothe and comfort baby to sleep. No matter what you call them, a comforter toy, sleep aid, or blankie your little one is sure to love this cute bear comforter.

A tip is if your child has a favourite comforter consider buying two for use between washes or should one go missing. A missing comforter toy can be very upsetting to children

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