Bunny Comforter -Organic-Dummy Holder Comforter


Brand: Maud N Lil

Height: 30cm

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Organic Bunny Comforter Sleep Toy

The bunny soft toy comforter and dummy/pacifier holder by Maud N Lil is the perfect newborn baby gift or baby shower gift.

Made from soft certified organic cotton ” Oscar ” a soft bunny dummy holder comforter is sure to be an all time cuddle buddy, sleep time companion or best friend to your child.

This cute dummy holding comforter sleep toy by Maud N Lil is soft and ready for cuddles. The perfect toy to help settle,soothe and comfort baby at sleep time. Never lose a dummy again by attaching to this cute dummy holder comforter.

The cute bunny can be used as a security blanket, or as a soft baby playtime toy  The Maud N Lil  bunny comforter comes with velco clip to attach a dummy. This enables the child to have their dummy close to hand, allowing the comforter to be self soothing and settling, The comforter is suitable in the cot from 7 months +.


  • Hand Washable
  • Perfect For Babies to Cuddle
  • Hand Stitched Organic Cotton
  • Made from certified organic cotton
  • Designed In Australia

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