Fishing Soft Plastic Baits


Soft Plastics are one of the most popular and effective fishing lures. A huge range of shapes, sizes, colours etc. are available to imitate small fish, shrimp or worms the list is endless. Soft plastics lures are versatile, use them with your variety of jig heads to suit your target fish. Bait your hook with one of these soft worm lure baits. Length- 5 cm. Weight 0.7 grams. Material- silicone. Packs- 10 pieces per packet.

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Fishing Soft Plastic Baits

Fishing Soft Plastic Baits, includes plastic worm. The soft bait’s realistic life like body and curly tail that flutters when moving through water. The fishing baits imitate earthworms or minnows to predatory fish. Worms and minnow baits have stood the test of time and continue to catch millions of fish every day.

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