Parachute Dry Fishing Flies


An artificial fly or fly lure is usually used in fly fishing, although they may also be used in other forms of angling. In general, artificial flies are an imitation of natural food sources which fishers present to their target species of fish. Each boxed set of small dry flies contains 6 individual flies of one colour. There are 4 different boxed colours to select from each containing six pieces per set at size 18#.

style 1 size 18style 3 size 18style 4 size 18
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Dry Parachute Flies

Parachute Dry Fishing Flies imitate natural insects. With upright wings and hackles making the lure stand high on the water’s surface. Parachute flies allows the lure to sit low on the water surface film. The lures mimic mayflies, stillborn floating nymphs or drowning insects. These types of insects become trapped in the surface film. The Flies can be effective at getting fish takes.

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Insect Bait

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Royal Sissi


Artificial Bait