Soft Plastic Prawns and Shrimp Baits


Soft Plastic Prawns and Shrimps Bait prove both fresh and saltwater fish eat shrimps. Luminous Shrimps that mimics prawns, flexible feelers, flexible legs and fan tail. A juicy  meal to attract predatory fish. Attributes: Luminous Soft Plastic Lure.  Length: 75 mm. Weight: 5.5 grams. Rig: Single barbed hook with stainless steel trace. Colours: 5 different colours. Material: Soft silicone. Packaging: Single Lure.

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Prawns and Shrimp Soft Plastic Baits

Soft Plastic Prawn Baits, all types of fish fresh or salt water eat prawns and shrimps. These soft plastic baits are realistic life like. Soft plastic lure’s combine swimming actions with soft legs antennae and tail movements to wiggle and vibrate during retrieval. At night or in turbid waters these lures are effective, both the body and the hook of the lure are luminous.


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Silicone Shrimp Bait


Artificial Bait


7cm/2.75 in