From baby to young children, kids toys encourage children to use their imagination making them more curios and creative. Toys encourage your children to become creative, engage in games as they learn and explore.

Kids toys encourage your children to learn through play. Playing is a great way to help your kids learn as they explore and learn new things at all stages of their lives encouraging the growth and development of their fine motor skills.
Mostly there is no age limit to introducing your child to toys, from baby to toddler and pre schoolers as well as older kids they all benefit from toys.
The benefits of toys
1. Enhance Motor Development.
Educational toys help develop sensory motor skills in children. Children love colourful toys and sounds that enhance the sense of sight where as craft toys may improve dine motor skills of older children.
2. Social and Emotional Intelligence
Kids will often take on role playing with their toys, it helps them to understand emotions. Toys help them to understand sharing. bonding and other emotions such as laughter , anger or even sadness.
3. Concentration
Play toys and educational toys will encourage your child to focus which assists in improving concentration.
4. Imagination
Toys encourage kids to think creatively through games that test their creative skills

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