There are many benefits to soft baby toys for children. Plush baby toys today come in all shapes and sizes. Those that are plush, cuddly and squishy are usually the most favoured amongst young children.
Soft toys make comforting companions and sleep toys,  plush soft baby toys are an all time favourite with kids, they provide much needed soft and cuddly comfort to child that is teething, sick, travelling or away from home.
Apart from providing a sense of comfort, soft toys also help babies to develop their social skills through pretend play. Pretend play encourages interaction with people and also assists with language and communication skills.
Soft baby toys hep with the development of children by
– Developing sensory skills
– Emotional growth
– Social Skills

Soft Plush toys are a very comforting companion to little ones, and often their first friend. Always remember to consider the age of the child you are buying the soft toy for, making sure that they do not have parts that may come loose, to avoid choking hazards
Soft toys and comforters are a great way to help your child through the night. When you introduce soft baby toys, your child is able to learn how touch works, by feeling textures and seeing shapes in their hands
They provide tactile stimulation that is important to the developing brain and helps to promote hand-eye co-ordination
There is a reason why everyone gets a soft cuddly toy as a baby, they are more than just cute companions, soft toys are great for developing and growth of a child’s motor skills, they are also easy to care for and can be washed many times over.
Children also love to play with stuffed animals and there are so many to choose from. There are rabbits, elephants dogs and more. Babies simply cannot resist these soft toys and most importantly they are safe to play with.
With any baby toy, always check for softness and textures, making sure you pick the right toy for your baby’s safety. Shop our range of  luxurious  baby toys today