Tips for Buying Baby Toys

Baby Toys and Gifts

Baby toys always make great gift ideas, however there are a number of things you should consider when buying baby toys. When choosing a toy for your child, its important to consider their age and of course their stage of development. Each Age group is crucial in your child’s development. Toys help grow and nurture their development skills while providing quality playtime.

With different stages of development, different toys are recommended

  • Make sure there are no sharp edges or surfaces or small parts
  • Buy washable toys
  • Safety – Make sure there are no choking hazards look at manufacturers age recommendations
  • Age appropriate – your child will enjoy toys they can use
  • Stimulation
  • Simplicity
  • Nothing toxic

Choose a toy based on your child’s age and stage of development.

Newborn to 3 Month Baby Toy Gift Ideas

As baby reaches 3 months old they are generally ready to grasp and grab. They enjoy toys with bright colours, different fabrics, different textures to feel and chew, grabbing babies attention and developing their sensory development. Gifts like developmental toys will help encourage baby’s growth. Lets looks at a few gifts for your little one.

Comforter toys or blankets and soft colourful rattles make ideal newborn gifts. Our bunny hand rattle will fit in baby’s hand because it is easy to hold. Baby toys made from organic materials are also ideal for newborns. Our Oscar the bunny dummy holder is made from Organic Cotton


3–6 Month Baby Toy Gift Ideas

When baby is three to six months old, they will begin to explore as they grow and develop their sensory skills. They will enjoy things with different shapes, textures, sounds and sights.

As babies grow their curiosity grows and they begin to reach and touch things. They enjoy playing with toys that are securely positioned around them in the pram, during tummy time or in the cot.  Our range of clip-on toys are sure to capture babies’ attention. A soft baby rattle that baby can hang onto are sure to keep baby entertained. By playing with these toys, they will be able to develop their motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination.

6–12 Month Toy Gift Ideas

As baby becomes more mobile, they may begin crawling and pulling themselves up, or maybe taking their first steps. These milestones bring with them several opportunities in the world of play. Babies love toys they can press, rattle or squeeze. Bobby the bunny rattle is a fun gift idea for any baby boy or baby girl.

Toys come with benefits, the bring joy to children, provide fun and education. There are a range of toys for boys and girls sure to engage their interest and become you child’s best friend.

We hope these age groups help you choose an age appropriate toy or gift for the little one in your life. Playtime and reaching milestones is important during baby’s first year, but it should still be fun, playtime is fun time!

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