Why Children Love Plush Toys

We all know plush toys are adored by children, and quite often they always make that unique gift, but why are the so loved? Children as young as 2 can learn to express themselves by playing with plush toys. They learn to role play and are able to manage their emotions through play and this helps children to unwind. They are able to cuddle and talk to them at bed time and often become your child’s best buddy. A stuffed toy is almost a staple item in any child’s room, from teddys, fluffy dolls, elephants and monkeys, the stuffed plush toys come in all shapes and sizes. Here’s why your child may love their plush animals so much.

Your Childs Best Friend

Plush toys we all know are fluffy and cute and can help calm and settle a  child with their ups and downs and quite often will become a child’s best friend. Quite often you will hear a child talking to their toy in play, be it  a show of confidence or being upset, play with toys help them develop communication skills they provide security and comfort.

Some children like to have their stuffed plush toy while reading a book to interact with or accompany them when its bedtime.

The Benefits of Stuffed Toys

A child can express their emotions and feelings with their favourite toy where they cannot express with words. There are some benefits your child will experience with soft toys

  • Learn New Skills – A child can practice skills they have leaned with their soft plush toys, like dress time, eating meals, children love to role play and of course will often imitate their parents and and what they see older children doing. Role play is important in a child’s learning process.
  • Expression – A child may not be able to express their emotions but can often do so through a favourite toy and may express what’s upsetting through their toy.
  • Separation – Being away from home and in unfamiliar surrounds is often a cause for anxiety in young children. A familiar toy will often help reduce stress in an unfamiliar environment
  • Nurturing – A soft toy can encourage nurturing, a child will often pretend to feed their toy, put them to bed


Children can learn a lot from their soft plush toys and can create a bond that can enhance the skills and benefits that come with many situations.

Help you child today by purchasing a  plush toy and watch the enjoyment as they grow and learn. A stuffed toy also makes the best gift on any occasion, birthday, baby shower or christmas. The good thing about soft plush toys they will always bring a smile to your face. Caring for your plush toy is also important as your childs toy shows sign of love.. read more about caring for your childs toy.