Y-Nott – Our Story

Online  Store For Baby Comforters and Plush Toys

Welcome and thanks for dropping by our store here you will baby sleep toys for delivery Australia wide. If your’e looking for baby soother toys to assist baby with sleep at nap time or as a comfort toy for play then your’e in the right place. Our aim is to bring you a range of comforter sleep toys that will help with baby sleep time and play. Comforter toys that may be your child’s next best friend.

Y-Nott is committed to providing quality and a unique range comforters and plush toys.

So Why Use Comforter Toys ?

  • Comforter toys provide comfort as baby goes to sleep
  • They are cute and huggable and add a sense of security
  • They can be used for play
  • Sleep toys make great travel companions

Baby comforters also make wonderful newborn baby gifts, a gift that will be cherished for many years, they are practical and make wonderful companions for bedtime or outings. Baby soother toys are soft and easy for baby to hold and will be loved for many years.

A baby comforter also known as a security blanket will help baby self soothe. They come in handy while travelling, and at bedtime.

Your child may fall in love with their comforter and will take with them every where, you may even want to have two of their favourite in case one gets lost and that way they will not even know it’s gone.

We hope you enjoy shopping at Y-Nott and hope you find the perfect comforter for your child


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