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Y-Nott’s range of soft baby toys features a wide selection of beautifully designed toys for your little one that are perfect for cuddling. Our products are designed to bring joy, comfort and a feeling of safety which is important for babies, and children. Our selection of soft plush toys are perfect gifts for baby showers, birthdays, holidays and special occasions for any age.
When it comes to gift-giving, we offer a variety of stuffed toys for your loved ones. Not only do they come in different designs, colours and animals, but they also have features that make them great soft toys for little kids.
Toys help your baby learn about the world around them. Soft toys are great for keeping your little one safe and happy.
Soft plush toys are one of the most popular categories for baby gifts. They’re soft, colourful and easy for babies to hold. Since they’re also very cute, plush toys make great gifts for toddlers as well.
The best part is that plush toys are so versatile; you can find ones that match your child’s favourite character or colour scheme. If you buy one of these adorable softies when your baby is first born, it will be a great comfort item throughout childhood — and maybe even longer!
Plushies come in a large variety of shapes and sizes, from a small plush just right for baby to cuddle to. Plush toys can be used for many different purposes: they can be used as a comfort item a sleep aid, or as an interactive toy. Some plush toys even have squeakers in them!
Whether it be newborn baby soft toys for your own children or baby soft toys to add to a present, we have you covered. When it comes to choosing the perfect soft baby toy, you’re sure to find something for any child.
Discover the perfect gift for every age, newborns, toddlers, tots and everyone in-between. We have soft baby toys that are perfect for babies’ milestone moments. Have a friend who’s expecting soon?

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