Creative Soft Toys Storage Ideas You Will Love

Creative Soft Plush Toy Storage Ideas 

Children seem to have so many soft toys and stuffed animals, too many to count. Does the number of plush toys they have appear to be growing? Are you looking for effective storage ideas? Any Parent will tell you that keeping toys tidy and organised is one of the biggest challenges they face.

We have put together a list of soft toy storage ideas to help control the clutter and keep your child’s room a little tidier.

It’s reasonable to assume if you have kids, you have stuffed toys. And you will note, the number of cuddly toys increases with every birthday, Christmas or other occasion.

Its good to see children interacting with the favourite toy, that’s how they grow and learn, but the question is how to keep them tidy?

Soft Toy Storage Criteria

  • Easy access – your child needs to be able to access with ease
  • Easy to put away, making clean up time easier
  • A place from where they will not fall easily, a shelf means they can fall off easily
  • Safe for kids, you don’t want them pulling down on themselves
  • Utilising your space, think about the space you have available to store your toys

Let’s Get Creative – Some DIY options that will suit almost any budget

  1. Bean Bag Storage for Cuddly Toys – they can hold almost anything, specifically designed to hold things in them instead of the standard filling, instead fill with plush animals
  2. Use a hammock – great in a corner that is not used, (be careful abut where placed for safety), they can be hung from hooks on the wall or ceiling.
  3. Baskets are great for keeping toys of the floor
  4. Use a hanging organiser for soft toy storage, you can use over the door shoe organiser or hanging closet organisers to store stuffed animals. Over the door organisers are generally better for smaller toys, and the closet organiser for holding larger stuffed animals
  5. You can’t beat the good old toy chest, it’s a proven way to store the vast number of toys in your house. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for all types of storage as your child ages
  6. Use a trusted wicker basket. These can also be stored neatly in your living room
  7. A cubed bookshelf, with tubs to place in each cube is simple an easy. They are easy to reach for young children and hide away the mess


So there you have it, some clever toy storage ideas to keep your soft plush toys neat and tidy, and a method to ensure you won’t trip over all those toys when entering the room. Should there be any chance you need more soft toys head over to our store.