Best Ways to Handle Dummy and Comforter Throwing

Are you wandering what the best way is to handle your  baby’s dummy or comforter throwing? As parents, we know and can relate to the moment when our little ones learn the art of throwing their comforters and dummies out of the cot, something they do, and if we do not pick them up, they will sit by the side of the cot until we do. In addition, it can be something that they feel is a lot of fun. They all try methods to stay awake that little bit longer and hold your attention.

As they grow, little ones learn that their actions can quickly attract the attention of those around them. Throwing the dummy or comforters out of the cot indicates that they are growing, learning and exploring and you may soon tire of going in and out of a room for long periods of time.

Dummy and comforter throwing is almost a favourite toddler sport, with most tossing things because it’s a way to bring mummy back into the room when its lights out.

Occasionally, if your child tosses their comforter or dummy from the cot, it may be ok to play the game for a while, but nothing more than that as it may turn into a tiresome game. Children learn through play, if you reinforce a behaviour, there’s a chance the behaviour will persist.

So why do toddlers throw their dummies or comforters from the cot?

  1. To get a reaction from you
  2. To get more attention
  3. Its’s a great way to bring you back into he room when it’s lights out

How do you prevent you toddler from dummy and comforter throwing?

  1. Have a couple of their favourite comforters in the cot and hope they don’t throw them all out
  2. If they have a dummy, attach it to their comforter, while some are happy to go without the dummy, they are not happy to throw their favourite doudou.
  3. Give the toy back – but only one time, If you go back into the room several times they will keep the game up and keep fussing, Explain that it will stay on the floor if they throw it again. If they call you bluff, stay strong and don’t give it back. Once they are asleep place it back in the cot so that it is available should they wake during the night
  4. Ignore the behaviour – It may sound harsh, but if your child relies on their comforter to fall asleep, your child will learn quickly to stop doing it. If they do continue with the throwing, return when they are asleep should they need it in the middle of the night
  5. If your child is upset and still throwing his dummy or comforter walk quietly and calmly back into the room without eye contact place in the crib and leave the room.

The tricks may need to be repeated several times until your toddler tires of the games and stops throwing them. If you need to return to the room several times, we recommend pausing and listening to your child for a few minutes each time before responding.

Once you practice returning the dummy/comforter in this manner for a few nights, your toddler may get over the game. Therefore, remember the less you engage and react, the more boring this game becomes for your child.

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